Get Over Him Bitch: A Picture Book for Grownup Bitches


Get Over Him Bitch: A Picture Book for Grownup Bitches

This book is not for the faint of heart, this book is for bitches who love art, relationship advice, and the Truth. Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Sad Bitch, happy bitch mad Bitch, and bad Bitch this book is for you, by you, and every other Bitch you know. We all have played that BITCH respectfully. Bitches in relationships, Bitches in situationships, single Bitches, and ready to mingle Bitches. This book is for you if you have ever found yourself on the edge of pure confusion when dealing with matters of the heart. This book is also for you if you haven’t found yourself in pure confusion when dealing with love, I guess you are a lying Bitch too. So to pre­pare yourself in the event of any relationship dilemmas, I would suggest keeping this book real, real close Bitch. See the words found in this precious book have been known to not only wake a Bitch up but to keep a Bitch on her toes. Be warned Bitch the search for love can be a cold journey but nothing is hotter than a Bitch with some attitude, a whole lot of humor, twenty dollas, a full tank of gas, and a copy of a book titled “Get over him Bitch”.


No pooches were harmed in the making of this book.


A Word From The Author.

There comes a time in every Bitches life when she has to take a long look in the mirror. My habits, my boundaries, my life. It’s my job to make myself happy and it’s also my job to protect that happiness. I will no longer be the victim and I will no longer allow those who don’t belong in my “Heart House” to occupy a room. GET OVER HIM BITCH is what I told myself. My version of being that Bitch is not by being that bitch, but by being THAT BITCH. – Jaheyla J. P

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