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Get Over Him Bitch

This is not your basic Self Help Book, because Bitches need books too!
Get over him Bitch, is a book is for Relationships, Situationships and all the in-between. A raw dog (woof woof) straight to the point message that every Bitch needs.

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A Word From The Author

There comes a time in every Bitches life when she has to take a long look in the mirror, “my habits”, “my boundaries”, and “my life”. Remind yourself that it’s my job to make myself happy and its also my job to protect that happiness, and that I will no longer be the victim who allows those who don’t belong in my “Heart House” a cheap room for rent. 

GET OVER HIM BITCH, is what I told myself.

My version of being “that bitch” is not by just being “that bitch”, but by understanding what being “THAT BITCH” truly means.

Jaheyla P. Jones
Entrepreneur, Writer and Actress.

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This isn't just a book, It is a movement.

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Upcoming Book

Its OK to be a Bitch! This will be our second book in the book collection, Books for Bitches. Coming Soon